Whale Set


Earrings and Pendant

Flare Cut Fluke Pendant and Earring set, done on 925 Sterling Silver in a Flare cut style, giving them that sparkly light catching dazzle.

Fun "fluke" facts:

The Whale tail, also known as a "Fluke" is much like a fingerprint. Scientist and researchers input data and identifying markers on databases for the further study of these mammals. No two whales have the same fluke. When whales dive down into the cold Alaskan waters they usually give onlookers a good glimpse of their tails, this is also known as "Fluking", although around these parts we usually just call it diving. Humpbacks can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes. While in Alaskan waters Humpback whales can be found diving fishing for food, which en"tails" diving down and blowing bubbles below a school of fish. The air bubbles continue to shrink and trap the fish as they rise towards the surface, the whales swimming through this net towards the surface mouths ajar literally gulping these tons of fish. The fascinating scene of Bubble feeding...your first sighting will leave you speechless, and quite possibly your jaw on the ground!

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Photography Credit: Megan Philippi