Bucking Horse Pendant

Salmonberry Pendants


Rubus spectabilis, funny enough this type of shrub is related to the rose family. It's found in North America, and is a common shrub that grows on the side of the road and trails here in South East Alaska. The berries are structured very similarly to raspberries, coming in colors ranging of yellow, orange, and red. Young green shoots from this shrub in early season are sometimes put is salads by locals.

Whale Tails


Halibut are a type of flat fish, often a favored fish around these parts, their tender white meat lends to flavorful infusion when cooked by seasoned cooks. One defining characteristic of Halibut are their eyes, when born they have an eye on either side of their head and swim similar to salmon until around 24 weeks old in which time one eye shifts to the other side, giving the appearance of a common Flounder. Their eyes use a color scheme technique called countershading to help them blend with the ocean bottom floor.  Ask any longtime fisherman around these parts about halibut and you're bound to be sat down with good 'ol fishing stories. My halibut Pendants range in design, featuring scroll work designs, fine line shading, flare cut style, background removal, and punch dot accents on Sterling silver.

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Photography Credit: Megan Philippi